Essential Equipment You Must Have in Order to Produce a Podcast

The great thing about podcasting is that you don't need a lot of expensive equipment in order to get started! These days, it is actually pretty simple and affordable to produce a podcast from the comfort of your own home. So in this article I am going to discuss the essentials that are needed in order to create a high quality podcast.

essential podcasting equipment

A  Professional High Quality Microphone

If you publish poor audio quality podcasts then your listeners will go elsewhere. Not only that but some of them will leave very negative reviews that will ruin your reputation in no time. Nobody wants to listen to a crackly voice where it is hard to make out what the podcaster is saying.

Never use the microphone in your laptop for making a podcast. The same applies to a microphone attached to cheap headphones and the microphone in your smartphone. They are just not up to the standards that you need to create high audio quality podcasts.
If you are using your computer to record your podcasts then invest in a USB microphone like the Blue Yetti. There are others available and you can spend upwards of $75 to get a good quality microphone. It is one of the best investments you will ever make if you want your podcasts to be a success.

Get a Pop Filter and Microphone Stand

A pop filter is an inexpensive accessory that we strongly recommend that you purchase. It will help to minimize unwanted noises when you are speaking. The difference in quality of a recording made using a microphone pop filter and one that didn’t use one is usually significant.

You do not want to be holding the microphone when you are recording your podcasts. If you do this it will be easy for you to move the microphone away from your mouth by accident which will show up on your recording. Get a microphone stand for your desk or a boom arm so that you can fix your microphone in the best position.

Use Good Quality Headphones

When you are recording your podcasts it is really important that you monitor the sound quality. With a decent pair of headphones you can easily do this. There are good quality “in ear” or “earbuds” around as well if you prefer this.

When you monitor your recordings using headphones you can easily tell if your voice is clear and whether it is too soft or too loud. You will also be able to pick up on any background noises which you probably wouldn’t notice if you were not wearing headphones.

Use Good Audio Editing Applications

When you record your podcasts it is very likely that you will make a few mistakes especially when you are just starting out. You need a way to cut these out of your podcasts and the best thing to use is an audio editing suite.

With a good audio editing suite you can cut out coughs and sneezes and any mistakes that you make. You can also minimize background noise and also add additional tracks to your podcast such as intros and outros.

There are lots of expensive audio editing suites out there but you can do everything that you need using free applications. If you are a Windows user then download Audacity. For Mac computers you need Garageband. These free apps will provide you with all of the editing tools that you need.


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